About Us

"I started my career in the fitness industry. I joined because I wanted to help people with their wellbeing goals, in whatever way that meant to them.

Eventually, I (happily) fell into the world of HR, working as part of an innovative and multi-award winning wellbeing team at the University of Sheffield. I jumped at the chance, it was the perfect opportunity to help even more people.

Now, through Joy Junction, we get the privilege of supporting organisations big and small to look after their people.

What an amazing job we have."

Gary Butterfield

Founder, Joy Junction

A photo of Gary Butterfield presenting on behalf of Myles Wellbeing for an NHS Employee Wellbeing event.
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Welcome to Joy Junction

At Joy Junction, we believe that the heart of every thriving organisation is its people.

We partner with HR leaders and wellbeing teams to cultivate working environments where individuals flourish, teams excel, and organisations thrive.

Our approach

Through a blend of strategic consulting, tailored senior leader and line manager training, and our Conversation Canvas, we'll equip you with the tools and resources that you need to measure and support your most valuable asset: your people.

Our collaborative approach using tried and tested methodologies ensures everything we do together is uniquely crafted to address your specific needs, goals, and aspirations.

Why partner with Joy Junction?

Born and bred in Leeds, Yorkshire, we're unapologetically Northern. We take great pride in being ourselves, celebrate our roots, and live by our values.

Every business says that they're trustworthy and innovative. We of course align ourselves to these things, but here's how we're different:

1. Courage

We face challenges with confidence and buoyancy, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Our culture of honest communication ensures every voice is heard and valued, fostering transparency and trust.

2. Temperance

We promote a balanced working culture, recognising that our wellbeing is crucial for sustained success.

Practising self-discipline, we manage our work and personal commitments effectively, and respond thoughtfully to challenges.

3. Justice

Committed to fairness and integrity, we treat our clients, partners, and team members with respect and equity.

We value teamwork and mutual support, striving to make a positive impact on our community.

4. Wisdom

Our decisions are guided by rationality, knowledge, and experience, considering both short-term benefits and long-term consequences.

We encourage continuous learning and personal growth, embracing new ideas and learning from both successes and setbacks.

Welcome to
joy junction

The Joy Junction Manifesto

Our mission extends far beyond traditional consultancies.

We're on a journey guided by a profound belief that every action, no matter how small, can make a huge difference to the lives of our users, clients, team, and the world around us.

At Joy Junction, we recognise the impact that work has on physical, social, and financial wellbeing. We also proudly wear our environmental conscience on our sleeves, putting the world we live in at the heart of decision making.

We buy into the triple bottom line. That is, that every decision made must be answer to the needs of our People and Planet, and result in mutual Prosperity. By putting our focus on Prosperity instead of Profit, the traditional triple bottom line approach, it changes our thinking to ensure everyone prospers, not just the business.

It gives us great please to present to you, our Manifesto 2023 - 2026.

These nine pledges, for the most part, are not based on business or product development. Rather, they set the direction of our business operations, the tone of our messages, and, most importantly, the actions that we take.


To become a four-day-week organisation
1st August 2023

Invest 10% of salary to pension contributions
‍1st J 2025

Create employment
1st August 2025


Launch our tree planting initiative
1st August 2024

Release quarterly sustainability reports
1st May 2024

Achieve carbon positivity
1st September 2024


Full B Corp alignment
1st August 2024

Contribute to meaningful research
1st January 2025

Achieve B Corp accreditation
1st August 2026

This Manifesto isn't just a statement - it's a roadmap for creating a better, brighter future. Join us on this transformative journey as we strive to empower organisations and enrich lives, one step at a time.