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Five Ways to Wellbeing

The Five Ways to Wellbeing model. These are Connect, Take Notice, Give, Keep Learning, and Be Active.

This five-day email course will introduce you to the model, provide background information about each element with practical examples, and share with you ways in which you can implement the Five Ways to Wellbeing into your own workplaces.

Me, We, and Us

A model called "Me, We, and Us". This image shows a number of stick people doing activities that they enjoy in front of "Me", "We", and "Us", with arrows pointing between them. This shows that individuals, teams/departments, and organisations, all need be considered.

You'll see this model in action all the time but it's often hidden behind the scenes. Our five-day email course will introduce you to it, provide practical examples about how you can explore what wellbeing means to each stakeholder, and help you to implement these answers in your workplace.

Project Canvas

The Project Canvas, an adaptation of Strategyzer's Business Model Canvas.

A Joy Junction adaptation of Strategyzer's Business Model Canvas, this framework underpins every consultancy project we take on. This five-day course will introduce to the Canvas, give you practical ways to use it, and finish with a real-life project plan for wellbeing conversations using our Conversation Canvas.

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