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2023 / 2024

About Tailored Thinking

Tailored Thinking is a small but perfectly formed positive psychology consultancy based in Durham, North East England, and works with clients around the world. Their mission is to make work better by making better work. 

The team at Tailored Thinking have been friends of ours for a long time, and through their specialist work they bring job crafting, wellbeing, and HR to life. 

Project objective

One of Tailored Thinking’s core values is to “do the right thing”, contribute to global research and understanding of positive psychology, and to break down barriers to entry.

The Tailored Thinking team set about the ambition of creating a free-to-enter six-week challenge that would be open to everyone. Through the challenge they would educate participants on all elements of job crafting, share ways that participants could set actionable goals, and provide an opportunity for everyone to feel the benefits of personalising their work.

The Job Crafting Challenge learning resource cover featuring a vector graphic of a white shirt with yellow buttons, which has "Welcome to the Job crafting Challenge" written to the left.

Our process

Worked with the team to identify their ideal participant

Proposed and agreed timescales

Designed and co-developed all learning resources for participants

Created a series of automated processes to manage participant sign-ups and Challenge-related emails

Created a Challenge-specific LinkedIn group from which the community can be based

Continually engaged with participants in the LinkedIn as a participant to help drive engagement.

Project Outcomes

We were experimenting here so decided that we were not going to invest in any targeted marketing for the Challenge. Despite this, we managed to achieve 216 sign-ups to the Challenge using social media and just two mentions in their monthly newsletter.

From these 216 participants, 134 completed the Challenge, we averaged well over 50% open rate across the six weeks, and achieved an average click-through rate shy of 30%. Engagement in the LinkedIn group was strong, with numerous participants sharing their goals and aspirations throughout the Challenge.

It wasn’t all plain sailing. We identified a delivery issue for circa 25% of participants which, we believe, was linked to recent Google and Yahoo changes. We raised the issue with the Tailored Thinking team and decided to reboot the Challenge for another six weeks. All participants were invited to start (or redo) the Challenge so nobody missed out.

A few words from Tailored Thinking

"Joy Junction have helped with every step of the way with the Job Crafting challenge. They helped us turn a 'half thought' shared in a meeting to a practical, engaging, world-wide activity.
Without Joy Junction’s commitment to creating communities and leveraging technology the challenge wouldn’t have had the impact or reach that it had. Gary helped us make it both easier to manage and more engaging for participants - win, win, 
We also had a technological stumble along the way with the project which impacted on some communications not being received. This was out of our control. Joy Junction let us know immediately when they found out and already had a variety of options and ideas of how to fix it. 
In short we trust Joy Junction to deliver and we love Joy Junction to collaborate and work with. Our ideas are better when Gary is in the (physical or virtual) room. 
I would wholeheartedly recommend Joy Junction to anyone looking to invest in making the world of work a better place."

Rob Baker, Founder and Chief Positive Deviant at Tailored Thinking

Other projects

More project case studies coming soon.

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